Maybe you have an existing website which needs refreshing or is costing you more than you think is reasonable. Maybe you are looking at the options for getting your first site but are confused with the jargon and don't know what a fair price is.  


The first question most people ask us about building a website is, "How much does it cost?"

The answer is simple, "How big do you need it?"

On average though, the price of sites we have developed range from $500 to $2000. And most of these include shops which cost no extra - just the time involved to set them up.


What makes Frog Print different to many website developers is that we can keep prices way down because the sites we develop are based on existing templates and an existing range of "bells and whistles". That doesn't mean you can't have a unique looking website or have all the interactive features you need. In fact, most of the sites we build have everything our clients need - even a shop. We are even happy to hand complete control of it over to you so you can maintain it using the easy to learn intuitive software (no programming language skills required). Or we can maintain it as you need, only charging our time.


What makes the most difference in price is how much time YOU invest into the content of the site before we start building it. Of course, we also enjoy creating content and are happy to help you develop it to achieve what you want.


Obviously we can't cover all the options and answer all your questions on this page, but we can give you honest and straightforward answers to any questions you have if you contact us by email ( or phone (Colin on 041 141 2057).

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