All printing requires artwork supplied in a format suitable for the process and equipment it's being printed with. If the artwork is not suitable you could end up with a result not quite what you intended.


If you have created your own artwork we will check it for you to be sure it is suitable. If it only needs a little fixing, Frog Print will do that for you at NO CHARGE. If it needs a lot of work we will explain the problems for you to fix, or we can fix it for you.


For our artwork requirements for general printing, go to the ORDERING page.


Frog Print can also organise quality graphic design and artwork from concept to "print ready". Even if you have a sample of a design or layout you like, we can create your artwork to reflect the style.


Because we don't have high overheads, we can keep our art charges much lower than many other printers and designers - as low as $66 per hour. But you can save time (and money) by finalising it as much as you can before sending it to us. Often it is the changes people make to the words and details of the job that can take as much time as the original artwork. But don't worry, we will never do artwork without your permission, and without first giving you a good idea of the time it will take.

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